Learn how growing companies are slashing IT costs and improving efficiency in the cloud

Companies are faced with intense pressure to improve profitability and efficiency while reducing costs—and many are succeeding after moving to cloud-based business management. 

In a new report based on a study of more than 100 companies, Nucleus Research shows how growing businesses that implemented cloud ERP have reduced IT costs, increased employee productivity and improved inventory management and customer satisfaction.

Download the new Nucleus study to learn how cloud ERP has enabled companies to:

  • Reduce IT costs by 40%–50%
  • Increase ROI by an average of 150%
  • Boost productivity by at least 10% while minimizing headcount
  • Accelerate quote-to-cash cycles and increase billing accuracy by 60%
  • Grow sales and profitability and decrease issue resolution time by 30%–60%

… and if you want to know how to move your business to a cloud environment:



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